Favorites from 2013

I love working with children, perhaps it’s because I have children, but they always have a way of bringing even the grumpiest of people to a grin!


Mini Easter Session with 7 month old Avian Powers


One Year/Christmas Session with John Wesley Soria-Kyte


Thanksgiving with Liam Ascher Berry

One Year

One Year Session with Avian Powers


Conover, N.C. Splash Pad with Timothy Pitts and Ethan Alexander Condeelis

santas sack

Newborn/Christmas Session with Liam Ascher Berry


monkey face

Silly Monkey with Liam Ascher Berry


Cupid Cheeks with Liam Ascher Berry

Ethan and Liam


Couple’s sessions are a blast! You can always tell the couples who have a really strong bond. These are some of them…

tiff an r

Richard and Tiffany Huerta Save the Date/Engagement Session

MBand Chris

Couples Session with Chris and Mary Beth Rhyne

Jimmy and chanda

Couple Session with Jimmy and Chanda Mort

Gender Reveal/Maternity Pic with Courtney Powers. She’s having a…

 Gender Reveal




In 2013, I was so privileged to work with so many exceptional people and look forward to meeting much more in the rest of 2014!


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