7 Tooth Fairy Traditions Your Child Will Love!

Cute Tooth Fairy flying with Tooth

I was raised with the knowledge that there was no Tooth Fairy, no Santa Claus, and why in the world would there ever be an Easter Bunny or anything else for that matter?!

First day of kindergarten, guess who got sent to the office. Sorry to all my classmates whose childhoods were ruined that day. I was five, I thought everyone else knew what I knew. I didn’t realize what I was doing. Hopefully none of you still hold that against me.

Well, now that I have kids, I really like the idea of Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and all the rest! Seeing my child’s face glow on Christmas Day because he made the “nice list” and hunting for a basket that the Easter Bunny hid, really brings me joy. But this isn’t exactly a handed down tradition so I’m searching for new and creative ways for making my own traditions.

So here it is, 7 Tooth Fairy Traditions Your Child Will Love!

  1. An Official Tooth Fairy Kit

tooth fairy kit

” The Official Tooth Fairy Kit contains one letterpress Certificate of Record for filing with your local Tooth Fairy and one reusable silk-screened cloth deposit bag for your first and all subsequent transactions. The official certificate keeps record of name, age, tooth lost, method of extraction and compensation information. Simply place the tooth in the attached envelope and insert your completed certificate in the deposit bag. Place the full bag under your pillow Then the tooth fairy will collect the Certificate of Record and place your compensation in the deposit bag.”

…I mean, come on! I want one!

2. Tooth Fairy Pillows

our tooth pillow

This is what ours looks like but there are tons of D.I.Y. tutorials and Etsy pages with these all over the internet.

This one caught my eye because it looks like a ring box! Neat!

fairy pillow

The tutorial for this can be found HERE

3. The Golden Coin

lilberty coin

With tales of Pirates and Fairy Dust, this idea carries a lot of magic! This idea has proved very special for me and my eldest son. I found out about it from my fabulous friend, Amy Johnson, who certainly knows a thing or two about kids and fun!

I also found this engravable Tooth Fairy Coin that’s silver proof with gold select, but it’s a little pricey at $80 for just one. Maybe it can be the child’s “Very First Tooth” coin.

engraveable fairy coin

Or, for a set of 20 coins and a pouch for only $24 plus S&H, you could try THESE


When it comes to coins, there are a lot of neat options out there!

4. The Tooth Fairy Door

Tooth Fairy Door

It makes sense that The Tooth Fairy would have a special door just for him/her. You can buy a doll house frame and door and allow your child to paint it and decorate it themselves for a special touch!

5. Letters From the Tooth Fairy


This site has a lot to offer in a tiny package!

With 21 designs to choose from, you can customize your letter for your child(ren) for just $9.75. (Plus S&H). And it even comes with its own magnifying glass!

And you know what, for any of you that have an Elf on the Shelf , this would be a really cute idea too!

6. A Tooth Fairy Party

Tooth Fairy Party

Renee Hagloch has a post on her blog spot The Creative Orchard where she threw this party for her niece. The pictures show a lot of fun, creative ideas that any child would love!

cupcake sundae

moutwash punch

choc tooth wands

This is definitely one of the most creative parties I have ever seen!

7. The Tooth Fairy Stamped Bill


I’ve seen some people use glitter hair spray, or like this one, they’ve used glitter and glue, but I’m going to do you one better!

You’ll need a tooth stamp, an embossing gun or a heating tool, embossing powder (I like the idea of using gold but if the stamp is large I would use the translucent glitter), and a translucent ink embossing stamp pad.

  • Take your stamp and apply the ink, then stamp onto your bill.
  • Without allowing too much time to elapse, sprinkle the powder over your image then turn the bill upwards and allow excess powder to drop. Give a light tap to ensure all has fallen.
  • Turn on your tool and hold at a slight angle, about two inches away from the bill. Slowly graze the image until it’s 3 dimensional form appears. You may want to practice this step on scraps of paper first because this is something you just learn by doing. *CAUTION: Heating tools are insanely hot! Make sure you are working on a craft surface and don’t let your fingers get caught in the heat current.

Voila! And you’re done! The bonus of using embossing powder is that it doesn’t flake off easily. So, your hands won’t give you away and there won’t be any glitter finding its way on everyone’s person 😉

Here’s a tutorial  from Paper Source for using a heating tool and embossing powder if you need a visual.


That concludes my post for “7 Tooth Fairy Traditions Your Child Will Love”. And after all of this, who WOULDN’T want to believe in fairies!

I’m very interested to hear all of your own traditions as well so feel free to comment!


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