5 Free Fitness Apps Worth Downloading

So we’ve all made New Year’s resolutions. And for most of us, it involved being healthier, losing weight, and getting fit. Right around March is when the majority of people tend to start slacking off. But don’t give up, you can still achieve your goal(s)! And your phone can be your own personal trainer- for free!

I’ve compiled a list of 5 fitness app favorites programmed to keep you fit and keep you moving closer to achieving your goals.

My Fitness Pal Calorie Counter

my fitness

Research has shown that keeping a food journal maximizes your success for weight loss. This app keeps track of your food and water intake, weight, exercise and more in a few simple clicks. By personalizing stats according to your age, weight, and height, it helps you stay in your target range area so you can achieve your total weight loss goal. It’s fast and easy and most products can already be found inside its data bank. Easy Peasy!

Couch to 5k (C25K)


I mentioned this app in my “About Me“. I really praise it because this was the first time I actually enjoyed running. I would run after a tennis ball, a volley ball, or to save my dog or kids but to just run? It didn’t really compel me to purchase the latest trainers and get to it. But two weeks in, my endurance started to build dramatically, and I found myself looking forward to it because I achieved so much just by not passing out after running for thirty seconds! In just 8 weeks (or if you’re me, 13), you’ll be ready for your own 5k!

Run Keeper


This app uses your GPS to track your pace, distance, and time. You can even measure your heart rate, and keep track of calories burned. And your activities aren’t only limited to running or walking- hiking, biking and more are offered. Your progress is stored so you can review each weeks stats. .



I also really love this app! If positive reinforcement is your thing, this is one I really suggest downloading. It was featured in Shape Magazine, The Huffington Post and on CBS’ “The Doctors” talk show. Anytime you’re ready to work out, you choose your activity from a built-in list and begin tracking movement with its sensor. Don’t want your phone on your person, no problem, you can also log in your workout up to seven days later. A good motivational part is that it gives you rewards as you go. As in a video game, you get points for completing each activity, allowing you to move up levels. It also comes with options for sending you reminders to make sure you stay on track. A bit of a guilt trip really, but, if that’s what it takes, so be it!



Are you up for a gamble? Are you so sure of your dedication that you’re willing to put your money on it? This one is fun because each week, you set an eating and exercise goal and decide how much money is on the line. And if you’ve met your goal at the end of the time frame, you get your money back along with other people’s who made a stake but failed to meet it. I don’t know a better incentive than to earn money for healthy living!


I hope I have helped motivate you and wish you all the best in your fitness journeys. Feel free to comment with any apps you’ve also found helpful.


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