Overweight and Pregnant


In case you don’t follow me, I’m overweight and I’m pregnant. And before I got pregnant, I was trying to find the fit version of myself again and keep her around! Let’s just say this pregnancy is really forcing me to find peace with the weight gain.

I had a routine check up last week. And though I received a relatively good report, I’ve gained 10 pounds in 9 weeks.

Yes, I’m growing a person. Yes weight gain is normal. But I’m finding it difficult to accept it as so.

 All I can think of is how this weight I’m gaining is just adding to the tally of weight I already needed to lose. Plus, I’m surrounded by all these fitness quotes, and fitness images on Pinterest and other places. But they can’t always apply to a pregnant woman. And the fight to accept pregnancy weight gain as a natural and beautiful part to a wonderful process is hard when normally, it would be seen as a negative. Fighting that instinct gets discouraging. And though even the smallest of efforts make a difference, there’s still a healthier, smaller version of me in this body, and she’s still dying to get out. She’s loud, stubborn, and fights like a gladiator, but I think she forgot…she’s pregnant too.


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