The perks of being 29 and up!


I’m turning 29 in a week.

And I’ve realized, how much BETTER life is now that I’m almost thirty.

Here are some reasons why we should ALL be loving it:

  • You’re usually not carded. I actually enjoy not being carded every time I purchase alcohol. I earned this look of being over 21! Not carding me is like a nod to those experiences which gave me this look.
  • You’re most likely through with college.
  • Social Networking isn’t as important to you which means you actually have more time to do, you know, outdoor things. Remember those?
  • Everyone here reads!
  • Your walls are covered with actual art instead of teeny bop posters.
  • You don’t have to waste time finding dates because you’ve either already found your mate or you’re confident enough that you don’t care if you have a date.
  • You actually like GOOD music now. Not Justin Bieber.
  • You realized the importance of sunscreen and your skin looks better for it.
  • You spend less time getting ready, thank God.
  • ¬†Fitness and making healthy food choices is now am important part of your life and your friends are right there with you.
  • You spend less and save more because you realize having money for bills is actually important.
  • You have a vocabulary.
  • Drama-not in your crowd!
  • You realized how stupid you were to blast your music with your windows rolled down.
  • You realized how stupid you were to care what other people think
  • You no longer shop at Claire’s.
  • You need to rent a car? No problem! You need to reserve a hotel room? No problem!
  • You know how to cook real food instead of ramen or hamburger helper.
  • You care more about your credit which means you already have or are on the way to having a house of your own.
  • You don’t live with your parents anymore.
  • Your car insurance has gone down because you stopped getting speeding tickets because you realized how stupid you were to go 112 in a 65 zone.
  • Your clothes-you wear whatever the hell you want!
  • Bar hopping? Maybe on occasion, but really, you and your friends have more fun bringing the bar to the house.
  • You have way more accomplishments than you did at 20. Most of which give you a higher pay rate.
  • Kids are your new accessory and make you look like you have it together because you’ve mastered eating out.
  • You’ve realized the important things in life.
  • People take you seriously now.

It sounds to me like we have it all together! We waste less time on things that don’t matter. We have more confidence and make better choices. We are a better version of ourselves!

And It sounds to me that turning 29 just made life a little bit better


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