D.I.Y. laundry detergent really IS better!

Maybe you’ve seen pins and posts for “D.I.Y. Laundry Detergents”. And finally, I can say, I did it! And I couldn’t be happier! It really IS better than any store-bought detergent I’ve used-across the board! Not to mention the money I saved by making my own.

I got my recipe from fellow blogger howdoesshe.comHer page is just filled with fun and helpful posts! She even included free printables if you wanted to give a batch as a gift!

Reasons why it’s better:

  1. It’s great for those with sensitive skin and allergy issues
  2. You can wash infant clothes in it
  3. The freshness LASTS
  4. It already has stain fighters included in it
  5. It doesn’t bleed or fade colors
  6. It’s safe to use on hand wash only items
  7. Instead of buying detergent every month or so, it lasts you an entire year
  8. It’s ultimately cheaper
  9. It’s natural
  10. Works well in high-efficiency washers
  11. Dissolves and leaves no powder traces, even in cold water
  12. Fights tough odors like smoke, mildew, etc.
  13. Includes softener in the mix so you don’t have to wait for the rinse cycle to add your own

Special tips: 

  • If you have cats or know someone with cats, you can use an empty litter container for storage! The lids snap and seal for freshness and the size is great for when you’re mixing your batch.
  • When you mix the ingredients, be sure to layer and stir, do NOT add all ingredients then stir. This will cause extra work for yourself in ensuring all ingredients are evenly mixed.
  • If using Purex in this recipe, the lids no longer have lines to go by for measuring. Wal-Mart sells stainless steel coffee scoopers that equal 2 Tablespoons exactly for under $2

Making your own detergent really is worth it. It’s better for your family, kinder on your wallet. I hope you try it out for yourself 🙂



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