Dollar Tree Decor-Chic Design for Pennies at a Time!

I frequent the dollar tree. It’s one of my favorite places to shop. I’ve even used their products to decorate my home!

Here’s a couple of examples of what I did:

Pottery Barn Tiled Mirror Hack:

pin hack

Done by hanging 12 individual mirrors side-by-side.

Pedestal Hack:

ped pin hack

Done by using a glass candle dish and candle holder, glued with E-6000 glue, then spray painted in satin ivory.

And here’s what I found the other day at my local Dollar Tree, two pink votives, just what I needed for my mantel!

Dollar Tree Votives 1

Now since teal is my main accent color throughout my home decor, I simply spray painted the votives to the color of my liking. I think they turned out PERFECT!

Dollar Tree Votives 2

Best part, I spent hardly a thing on decor that fits my current color scheme! And that makes me feel less guilty when I get tired of accent colors and make changes, because I didn’t waste $40 for two votives.

So next time you drive by a Dollar Tree, take a look and see what your mind can create. It’s endless!



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