DIY Fall Mantel with Dollar Tree Items and Upcycled Pieces

DIY Fall Mantel for Less By Butterscotch and Berry's

The Dollar Tree is my absolute favorite place in the world to shop. And if you’ve got a creative mind, the possibilities are endless! And if you don’t, it’s still endless…and there’s Pinterest! 🙂

One of my favorite things to do is to upcycle used decor or make it myself. And everything you see in this picture, has been upcycled or created by using dollar tree products and goodies from the great outdoors!

Butterscotch and Berry's Fall Mantle-DIY-Dollar Tree Decor

 That’s right! I can celebrate this Thanksgiving with pride knowing that everything on my mantel didn’t cost an arm and a leg and I can use more money for the more important things on my list…FOOD!

Here’s a run down of all that you see here-

Mirror: Antique 1974 Thomasville found on Craigslist for $20 and then was painted white.

Mantel: Another Craigslist find! You can’t beat $80. We had to take about four coats of brown paint off then repaint it, but it was totally worth it to me.

Birdcage: Marked down from Hobby Lobby due to chipped paint and bent medal. I spray painted it in Satin Ivory.


Pedestal: I sat my birdcage on the pedestal I made from using a glass Dollar Tree candle stick holder, and a glass Dollar Tree candle dish. E 6000 glue and two coats of spray paint later, I had a cute, inexpensive way to showcase my decor or even yummy cupcakes!


Apothecary-ware: Also a Dollar Tree buy. I bought two glass candle stick holders and two glass votives and E 6000 glued them together. What’s great about these is that they can remain all year round, you just change out the inside to match the holidays or special occasions! For Thanksgiving and Fall, I thought, what better than to add pine cones? Best part, it was fun getting the kids outside and letting them help me find some!


The Four Pumpkins: Dollar Tree again! And they were perfect just how they were.


Vase: Dollar Tree find! I filled with neutral colored stones, also from the Dollar Tree, and grabbed some fallen twigs from my backyard. I loved their varying curvatures and processes! Dollar Tree also came out with Fall colors in their artificial flower section and I added those to the twigs and the bird-cage for a pop of color! No glue required even, they fit perfectly on the twigs on their own.


Flower Pots:  I used upcycled birch covered flower pots and turned them upside down to add a height variance. It’s a great and inexpensive trick 😉


“Give Thanks” Word Decor: 60% off at Michael’s BUT, I got it for even less (what would you expect). Thanks to a broken letter, I got this festive piece for next to nothing! A little glue and drying time and it was as good as new!


And if you’re really paying attention…the Tiled Mirror in the reflection was my personal hack based off a Mirror I saw at The Pottery Barn and actually created using 12 individual mirrors from the Dollar Tree! You can see my original post for it here

I’d love to see and hear about some of your own decor hacks and creations! Comment below and we can swap ideas 🙂



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