Pregnancy Brain: Is it still there?!


Is it just me or does pregnancy brain stay on the brain, well after you’ve delivered? For me, that seems to be the case. I would even go so far as to say it worsened with each child!

There were times in my life when I can remember opening a book and being able to remember its content in great detail. I didn’t need lists for my daily tasks. Your birthday? I already bought your present! Art presentation and writer’s conference in the same day-I’m so ready I curled my hair (that takes at least an hour guys-true story). I did it all.

Apparently I was a unicorn because now…I can’t even find my shoes to remember to set them out the night before EVEN if I remember to go to the event or appointment I’m expected to go to the next day! How have 3 little and adorable souls thrown my life upside down so much that I can’t even remember to go to a doctor’s appointment? That I made. And wrote down on the calendar.

It’s like everything I do is on the fly at this point. And that works for some people, and they must be great at it. But I’m not them. And apparently the planning side of me can’t even make a much-needed appearance to make sure this ride runs more smoothly.

I had my last son 9 months ago. And I swear I’ve had pregnancy brain since I was pregnant with my first…9 years ago! And this “momnesia” has only gotten worse!


Scouring the internet to see if there’s even a solution, I found out that according to research done on the subject, evidence shows the capacity of the brain is unaltered…………..sorry, that was me forgetting what I just read about whatever I was talking about. Oh yeah, momnesia. According to Jane Martin, MD, director of the Neuropsychological Testing and Evaluation Center at New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center, “When you are not getting enough sleep and are multitasking, nobody’s memory is good,” she says. “You are not cognitively sharp when you haven’t slept well.” Maybe she doesn’t realize the job description for parents. That’s pretty much our daily struggle. But nowhere can I seem to find that this can actually last way beyond postpartum days or advice beyond “making lists” and “getting enough sleep”.

Listen, I make lists. Then I make lists for my lists. It still just doesn’t happen for me. And sleep? I’ll take what I can get! Some of us are lucky to have people in our lives who surprise us with “catch-up” days for sleep. Then there’s the rest of us, who DON’T have those people. If you fall in the first category, consider yourself lucky. If you’re in the latter, I feel your pain.

So I guess I’ll just keep looking for my phone while I’m on it, my keys in the door, throwing disposable dirty diapers in the laundry and the clothes in the trash, missing appointments, losing my mind and keep laughing while it all happens. Maybe one day they’ll come up with a solution…just remind me not to hold my breath!

How about you? Do you have any funny stories or tricks that help you with momnesia? And are there any dads out there who might even find themselves with a little dadnesia?



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