Personal Fitness Milestone: I’m getting there!


Have any of you reached that moment in your fitness journey where you’ve accomplished something that was a great deal to you? Maybe it was a weight goal, or a lifting goal, to change your eating habits, or drink more water, completing an event and so on. For me, it’s been running. More specifically, the duration of my runs.

You see, I hate running. HATE running. Always have. And I really want to change that. And carrying over 60 pounds of excess weight certainly doesn’t make me like it any better. But in the moments I’ve had to run in the rain, nearly throw up or pass out-my body screaming to give up, I know that they’re really the moments when real change happens. I try to keep motivated and tell myself to remember why I’m doing this and how bad I want to be healthy again. And I won’t lie, get into my favorite clothes again!

The Couch to 5k app has been my go-to for training. And if you’ve ever used it, you may remember week 5 where it goes from running 5 minute intervals on the first day, to 8 minute intervals the second day, then the third day, twenty.minuntes.straight! I was like, I can’t possibly do this. So I set aim to just go as long as possible. Well, I did it. The entire 20 minutes! As soon as I heard the jingle tone followed by, “Begin your cooldown.”, I immediately burst into tears. Not due to exhaustion, but to the fact that I made it! For some of you seasoned runners, I’m sure that sounds trivial, or even silly. But for me, that was one of those keen moments in life where you realize you are capable of achieving so much more than you expected from yourself. Whether lofty or tangible, you had the power within you the whole time to accomplish something great!

Meanwhile, glittering tears still flowing, I took a screen shot to remind myself that I can push for more from myself, and even better, get more. Until the next milestone, this will serve as the background on my phone like a trophy to keep me motivated and believe that I CAN do this. I CAN run. And I can even enjoy it!


What sort of milestones are you trying to accomplish in your life? I’d  also love for you to share any proud moments you have! Do you have any tricks to keep you motivated?



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