DIY Baseball Bracelet


It’s baseball season for the little guys and my eldest son couldn’t be happier. I really wanted to do something special for him this year to show him my excitement. Having more than one child means you have to find special ways to remind them they matter, something that speaks specifically to them. These bracelets were my way of saying, “Hey bud, I’m you’re number one fan and can’t wait to watch you play”. And I went where everyone goes for awesome ideas…Pinterest!!

I stumbled on this awesome bracelet tutorial by A little Craft in Your Day. It was perfect! It’s cheap, easy, and it screams baseball! Here’s my go at it.

Things You Will Need:

  • Exacto Knife
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Baseball(s)-I used two and each ball yielded two bracelets


1. Use your exacto knife to carve out the curvature of the seams making sure to carve around both the inner and outer layers. Don’t worry about making it messy, we can cut off the excess leather later!


2. Peel off the leather from where you carved until you’re left with just the red threading layer.

DSC_0273-001 DSC_0275-001

You may actually run into extra attached threading like I did on one of the balls. No problem, just use your scissors to cut from the inner ball.


3. Now you’re left with extra white threads. You’ll need to peel these off of your leather. After that, you’ll want to cut them into two strips. Try to cut as close to the two halfway points as possible.


4. Now you’re going to take your scissors and trim off the excess leather. You’ll want to leave a small gap so you don’t cut the red threads. Better safe than sorry! You can always trim more later if you need to.


5. Measure the length of the wrist the bracelet is going to go on and cut about two extra inches (one on each side of your strip) from what you measured.


6. Begin pulling out the red threads from your ends until they’re long enough to where the bracelet would fit comfortably if tied.


7. Trim off the extra leather from where you pulled them out and braid each ends threads together. Now you’re ready to wear and show off your bracelet!


 My son hasn’t taken his off since I gave it to him. That makes this mom pretty happy and I’d say that’s another Pinterest idea that was a complete success!!




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