2 Ingredient Fudgesicles

Easy 2 Ingredient Fudgesicles- Kid Friendly - By Butterscotch and Berry's

We don’t keep regular (cows) milk in the house. For one, I’m lactose intolerant. And two, being lactose intolerant doesn’t stop me from drinking it like it’s candy. I LOVE milk! And I could drink an entire gallon of Vitamin D Milk in one setting despite the milk “hangover” I get after. So we keep almond milk and soy milk in the house so I won’t have the temptation OR the stomach ache that follows.

Because of this, recipes can turn out a bit different-bad different and sometimes, a good different! This past weekend, we got a good different! I would love to say my family has followed my decision to eat entirely healthy but they haven’t. And my boys won’t give up chocolate pudding for anything. And though I’ve found a delicious and healthier alternative (see recipe here), they still ask me to grab a box of mix when we go to the grocery store.

Well I don’t now if you’ve ever tried mixing almond milk with instant chocolate pudding mix but I can tell you, “instant” won’t be the results! After a couple of hours, we got tired of waiting so I just poured the mixture into my popsicle mold. The next day, my boys finally got to try them and they.went. nuts! My oldest said, “you’ve got to try this!”… whoa! You remember those fudgesicles you ate as a kid? Well I just found a cheaper way to make those. And in the words of my son, “YOU”VE GOT TO TRY THIS”!


  • 1 Box of Baker’s Corner Instant Chocolate Pudding & Pie Filling
  • 2 Cups of Happy Farms Vanilla flavored Almond Milk


(I purchased both ingredients at Aldis for under $3)


Follow box instructions (but using your Almond Milk in place of regular) then pour mixture into a container or cup that has a spout. Using that container, fill popsicle molds to the top then place the hand sticks in. Pop in the freezer for at least 3 hours or overnight. When hardened, take out of freezer and allow to sit at room temperature for five minutes. Then you want to run the sides of the mold under hot water for about 10 seconds. This will allow the popsicles to slide out easily! I found giving them a gentle turn in the molds also helps them stay intact! Now grab your friends or kids and enjoy your fudgesicles in this Summer heat!

Easy Kid Friendly 2 Ingredient Fudgesicles

DIY Easy Fudgesicle Recipe

Enjoy! This little guy sure did…

Liam eating his fudgesicle


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