DIY Dollar Tree Lace Candles

DIY Dollar Tree Lace CandleThis is such a simple, fast and inexpensive way to add a little more flare to your decor! Even better, you can get all the supplies in the same place! So head on over to your local Dollar Tree and grab yourself two candles- any color of your choice- and 2 packs of 3D lace stickers. Depending upon the size of the candle you choose, you may need more packs. An easy way to tell if you have enough is by wrapping the sticker package around your candle to see if it fits!

First, check out these stickers-they look like the real thing! I was really pleased with the quality and look of them. They have other lace looks available but these are the ones I chose.

Lace Stickers from the Dollar Tree

Conveniently, these stickers have a straight line at the base so I just lined the base of the candle with the base of the stickers and wrapped the sticker  around the candle. You want to make sure you don’t go over the candle’s base with the stickers or your candle may end up wobbly or tilted.

I think they turned out so great! I really love them!

Lace Candles by Butterscotch and Berry's

Who buys candles like these for $4?! Love it! I chose a white candle because my decor is filled with a lot of neutrals, but I’d love to see what colors you come up with! Go pop into your local Dollar Tree and get started on this new look!


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