5 Style Tips to Help You Transition Into Fall

End of Summer Look Book by Butterscotch and Berry's

Fall is here in less than a month!  Can you believe it?! In some places of the world,  the temperatures are pretty high and Summer isn’t giving up that easily. And that is definitely true of where I live. In America, the south can get pretty hot and humid, even in the Fall. Most of us are ready to sport our boots and denim with quarter-length sleeves, but we’ll have to wait a couple of months more.

So what’s a good way to transition into the fall but still keep cool? Here are some tips!

  1.  Dresses. Wear flowy dresses that don’t weigh you down but turn your color spectrum towards earth tones while still leaving room for those fun Summer colors like coral and shades of neon. I found this dress at Rugged Warehouse for $12.99 and it’s the prefect transitional dress! Plus the Aztec print we saw an awful lot this Summer is continuing its appearances in the Fall. Notice how it flares out to give the illusion of a smaller waist.  I need that in my life right now.   Aztec Dress from Rugged Warehouse
  2. Accessories. Wear gold accents. We saw a lot of this in the Summer and Fall will be no different. Layered necklaces are still a staple piece so don’t toss those out just yet! I used nail stickers on my nails with Aztec inspired prints from The Dollar Tree. Anddddd did. you. see. those. shoes?! You know that moment when you were a little girl and you spotted a princess dress up outfit that came with high heels “just like mommy’s”? Did you squeal and maybe jump up and down because you couldn’t contain the excitement? Well that was me when I saw these shoes. Also at great find at Rugged Warehouse. But wait for the price…seven ninety-nine!!! Yes, not kidding and I’m wearing them CONSTANTLY!  Pick up son at school-wearing the shoes, cooking dinner-wearing the shoes, writing this post-wearing the shoes, taking a shower-well, that’s where the sparkly adventure ends but I probably would if it were possible lol.  DSC_0164-1Aztec Nails Stickers From The Dollar TreeDSC_0226-1
  3. Braided Updos. I have really long hair (REALLY long hair) and it acts like a fur coat against my body. I already sweat like a man but when my hair is down in this heat, I might as well melt away (High-five if you just quoted, “I’m melting” in your head.  Super high-five if you did it out loud! lol). The tutorial for this updo is an easier one and can be found here. I threw in a flower pin because flowers make me happy and I thought it really brought the colors of the dress out more. Braided Updo
  4. Makeup. Still keep things light but add a bit of fall color to your eyes and lips. I chose neutral shades on my eyes until the crease where I added a plum purple. Special tip: If you have hazel eyes, the kind of hazel that changes colors, or green eyes, shades of purple, especially medium shades, really make those eyes POP! For my lips, I used Elf’s Brightening Eyeliner Pencil in dark brown as lip liner and BonBons Flavored Lip Juicer wet shine gloss in Chocolate. Summer to Fall Transition Makeup
  5. Vintage shades. An additional accessory you need are some vintage style sunglasses. This shape of frame is still in ladies. And I got these suckers at the Dollar Tree. This girl loves her sunglasses and I have a large collection, but my children have taught me not to use my designer shades for everyday use because they like to break them. Bottom line, I don’t care where they’re from, if I like them, they’re mine. Those and wedges are my absolute weakness. Vintage Inspired Shades from The Dollar Tree

I hope this helps you as you search for your own fall transition looks.  I’d love to see what you come up with!  Find me on any of my social media links and send me some pictures,  I would love it!


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