Tips to Have a Great Hair Day

Tips to Have a Great Hair Day

As you can see, I have long hair. There’s only been a few times in my life where I didn’t have long hair. It’s kind of my thing. I’ll admit that since gaining weight, it’s the only thing that I’ve felt I can really control so it’s become more than “just hair”. And I naturally have stick, straight hair. But somehow, it manages to get tangled within seconds. A gust of wind blows, I have a rat’s nest in my hair. Cook dinner, another rat’s nest. I don’t know how it happens really, but it happens. The worst is when I wake up in the morning. Maybe you know what I’m talking about? That part, right at the crown where your head doesn’t even hit the pillow but yet you wake up with a monster knot? That “morning monster knot” takes me nearly thirty minutes to comb out. It’s time-consuming. And quite frankly, it just gets on my nerves. But I treat my hair delicately. I go to extra measures to keep it looking like it does so combing is required. And not just any comb, you’re supposed to use a wide-toothed comb to prevent damage. And until a couple of weeks ago, this was my go-to tool for combing my hair.

Megan Hickman from Love MegMeet Megan Hickman. She’s beautiful, southern, has two adorable children and is the wife of a Fire Fighter. I stumbled on her YouTube channel “Love Meg“, and just fell in love with her. She has a genuine quality and sincere sweetness that you just don’t come across often enough these days. Watching her videos is as refreshing as a glass of ice-cold lemonade on a hot Summer day! A few weeks back, she did a giveaway on her channel and I ended up winning (heck yes!).  So when happiness came in the mail, I was eager to open it! And like a little child on Christmas day, I ripped through that goody bag with pure delight! And then came, THE BRUSH! The brush that has ended all my “morning monster knots” in five minutes or less! I’m not kidding. This brush has changed my life! I’m busy, I have three kids, I barely get time to shower in the day let alone spend 30 minutes just to comb out my hair! And since gaining this brush, I’ve discovered it works on ALL hair types. ALL!

Some users complain about the handle being difficult to hold while wet, and while the label boasts that it detangles with ease whether wet or dry, I’m here to tell you, you shouldn’t be brushing it when it’s wet anyways. That is when the most breakage can occur. So stop it! Right now! Brush it before you wash it (when it’s dry), then wait until it’s AT LEAST halfway dry to start plowing through or styling. And use your fingers as a guide to find the tangles as your brush follows in a smooth, gentle motion.

Megan found this brush at TJ Maxx for just $5.99! It’s called, “Bella Beauty Detangler Brush”. They’re also available online if you wish to avoid the temptation of going into the store and buying the whole place out (just me?).

Bella Beauty Brush Collage

Another hair tip that I have found to help my own hair’s health is to deep condition once a week, and when you’re using your regular conditioner, only apply from the ears down, paying special attention to the ends. The top of your head gets oily first and conditioning it will only hasten the result. Be sure to let your everyday conditioner set for three minutes before rinsing. This is especially important if you color your hair. I don’t and refuse to skip those 3 minutes because they really make a difference. And if you can afford it, don’t skimp out on the conditioner. Get the pricey brands like Kenra, Biolage, Biotera. If you must go cheap, go cheap on the shampoo. The conditioner is your hair’s best defense for future damage! And remember to give your hair a break every once in a while-wash it and let it air dry. Don’t style it or put products in it. Just let it be. I know for those of you with curly hair, this is a bit difficult but I urge you to try. You will find that the less you style your hair, the more compliant it will be when you DO style it. And we all love it when we have a great hair day!

These tips work. They’re proven to maintain the health of your hair including its natural shine. And just like with any other thing we ladies spend extra time on, it’s worth it! I really just want to flip my hair around right now and go, “because you’re worth it” haha. High five to anyone else who had the same thought! We’re a special breed 😉

How to Have a Great Hair Day by Butterscotch and Berry's

I’d love to hear some tips that you may have to maintain hair health! Are there any products or tools that you use that you just can’t get enough of?


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