Easy Sushi Recipe-Sushi YOU can make! Raw and Vegan Friendly

Easy Sushi Recipe by Butterscotch and Berry's

One thing I’ve really missed since going raw is sushi. I could eat sushi everyday and be happy. But there’s not a whole lot of options for sushi when you’ve gone raw. I scoured the internet for recipes that followed the raw cleanse guidelines and found very little options that qualified. So, I created my own with foods I love and know to be raw-friendly. What’s even better, you don’t have to be a sushi pro to pull this recipe off- it’s so incredibly easy! And you won’t even need a bamboo mat for rolling.


Sushi Tools

(from left to right: Grater, Peeler, Avocado Slicer, Sharp Knife)


Ingredient List for Sushi

(top left: Nori sheets, bottom left: Avocado(s), Himalayan salt, Dried Laver, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Carrot, Cucumber)

If you’re Raw, Vegan or prefer Organic foods, you can find the Nori Sheets here at Amazon for $17.39 for a package of 50 sheets. You can substitute the dried laver for mushrooms, other kinds of seaweed or anything you like really. I just use it because it comes dried and I can just add water to it when I wish to use it. You can find Dried Laver at most Asian Markets.


Peel the skin off the cucumber then use your grater to create a thick “noodle” by scraping your cucumber length-wise, down the grater.

Cucumber Grater

Your cucumber “noodles” should look like this when you’re done:

Cucumber Noodles

Next you’ll want to do the same thing to your carrot. Grate it downward, length-wise.

Carrot Grater

After making your carrot “noodles”, set aside with your cucumber and laver.

Cucumber Noodles, Carrot Noodles, Laver

Next, you need to take out a single sheet of nori and place shiny side down. Drip olive oil on nori sheet then spread with your hands or a culinary brush.

Nori SheetOlive Oil on Nori Sheet

Cut your avocado(s) in half. You can use your slicer to cut and scoop the avocado insides out or you can use a spoon. Spread and flatten avocado insides onto your nori sheet. This will act as a sort of glue in place of the sticky rice which is traditionally used. Be sure to leave empty space at the top! Lightly salt.

Avocado Insides on Nori Space For Rolling

Add your “noodles” and laver then pull them close to the edge of your nori sheet and roll tightly while holding noodles and laver in place.

Sushi IngredientsRoll sushi

Use your knife to cut off any excess veggies that may be sneaking out the sides then cut your sushi into small rolls.

Cut your sushi into rolls

Now enjoy! I hope you enjoy this recipe-I can’t get enough of it and eat it every week!

Enjoy your sushi!


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