DIY Gel Nails-get a salon look for a fraction of the cost!

DIY Gel Nails-Get a salon look for a fraction of the cost! Butterscotch and Berry's

My nails have been a mess lately. I have brittle nails so they never stay long (despite my best efforts). In my experience at the nail salon, gel has always given me the look I want without causing severe damage and making my already weak nails weaker. But I don’t have time (or the money really) to go weekly/bi-weekly right now. So I searched for a way that I could do this at home. I knew didn’t want to get some massive kit where you had to have lights and special gear. I just wanted something simple. Something fool-proof. I walked into our local Sally’s Beauty store and they introduced me to a product I’ll NEVER be without again!

Gelous Gel

Hello American Classics Gelous Nail Gel! It’s like a clear polish but has the strength of gel. And I can do any design I want, use any brand of polish; I can even use stickers and the end result is just like going to the nail salon. It took me a couple of tries to create the lasting (lasting as in stay at home mom here who does everything with her hands so manicures come off in minutes but this actually didn’t) look but I finally found something that works and is helping my nails grow-for a fraction of the cost!

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Remove any polish then trim and file your nails
  2. Buff your nails then remove any dust by using polish remover
  3. Put on a thin coat of Gelous Gel making sure to bring your brush around and over your nail tips. This prevents chipping.
  4. Put on a thin coat of your regular polish then apply a second coat of Gelous Gel.
  5. Add a second coat of regular polish then a third coat of Gelous Gel.
  6. Apply a Top Coat. I like the wet look and use Nail Savvy’s Wet Look Top Coat

Tips: The gel dries pretty fast so you don’t have to wait for drying in between each coat (Bonuuuus). And even if they’re sticky, like a bit tacky, it still allows you to add more and comes out looking nice and even. You’ll want to keep each coat thin. I didn’t do this at first and I chipped a nail an hour after I did them! I’m one of those over zealous types with polish so this took some getting used to but believe me, thin coats work out better.

And here’s the result!

 Gelous Gel Nails by Butterscotch and Berry'sGelous Gel Nails by Butterscotch and Berry's

Maybe you’ve read my post, “5 Style tips to Help You Transition into Fall” and noticed the nail look I did. I used Nail stickers (from The Dollar Tree) and the Gelous Gel.

Aztec Nails Stickers From The Dollar Tree

When using stickers, you apply a thin coat of Gelous Gel (don’t forget your tips!), then apply the sticker and file down to your nail. Apply another coat of Gelous Gel,brush over the tips again, then apply your top coat.

I got Gelous Gel in a .5 ounce bottle for $5.99. You can also order it online here (currently on sale for $5.50).

Again, this look is cost effective, much faster, and you’re able to do it at 2 a.m. if you wish-go get you some!



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