Easy Halloween Wall Art using Window Clings!

Have you been trying to find Halloween decor for your home or an upcoming Halloween party? Check out this DIY project!

Halloween Wall Art using Window Clings By Butterscotch and Berry's

This DIY is as easy as it is cheap! You can find everything at The Dollar Tree and it takes under 5 minutes to put together. That means more time for treats and giggles!

For the framed art, find a collage frame and some window clings or stickers. I like to put the clings up to the frame while I’m in the store to see if they will fill up the space well before I buy them. 😉 Take out the matting from the frame and use the stock photo paper it came with as your background by simply flipping the paper over so the blank side faces the front. Re-assemble your frame (without matting) and apply clings or stickers to the front of your glass. Voila! You’re done! Add yourself a candle, pumpkin, crow or other Halloween decor for a finishing touch. The Dollar Tree has lots to choose from! This is such an easy way to add a personal touch to your home or Halloween party!


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