As raw as it gets-foraging for wild scallions-rethink your weeds!

As raw as it gets-foraging for wild scallions-rethink your weeds By Butterscotch and Berry's

Everyone has a favorite teacher they remember. I still keep in touch with mine. She was my college math teacher and a credit to her profession. She opened a world of creativity that I didn’t know existed in Math. That is just one of her many talents. Last time I visited her at her home, we took a walk, as we sometimes do, and she started pointing out different edible plants. We stumbled on several puccini (king bolete) mushrooms. She said these were a delicacy in Europe, where she is from, and they are one of the most expensive mushrooms you can buy there. They were delicious! They had a nutty taste and didn’t look like any of the mushrooms I am used to seeing along the path. I thought to myself how amazing she truly is to be able to just point out random plants and tell me what was good or bad. And it got me planning my own forage adventure in our back yard.

I found a lot of dandelions and wild scallions. Since beginning my raw journey, I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about both of these! Did you know that dandelions can be used as a digestive aid, lower blood pressure, strengthen bones, help eliminate urinary disorders, clear acne, and are great sources of protein and fiber?! And wild scallions help with your cholesterol levels, aid in upper respiratory health, are a good source of vitamin B and are one of the most significant sources of antioxidants!

wild scallionswild scallions-bulbs

The wild scallions were all over the yard so I had plenty of patches to choose from. I dug them up with a spoon. Don’ do that. That’s stupid. Use a garden spade. Those little suckers are deeper in the ground than you think. So if you want all the way down to the bulbs, use a spade. I ended up keeping the dandelions in the ground to save for a later date since I was so overwhelmed with hand cramps thanks to our hard soil and digging with a spoon lol. But I’m very happy to get free onions! They have added so much flavor to my salads, my fresh guacamole and all the non-raw foods I make for the Berry boys.

Lexy's InsalataDSC_0950-1

So next time you’re low on onions, go outside and see what you can find. You can use all parts of the scallion and they’ll be a delicious and fresh addition to any meal!

Come back next week when I show you how to make Mac n’ Chilli in the crock pot! (pictured above)


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